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How to Remove an Above-Ground Swimming Pool

A sensational swimming pool can enhance the charm of a residence, but a dirty or outdated pool can detract from it. If you’re considering removing your above-ground swimming pool, this guide will help you understand the process and the factors that affect the cost.

Above-Ground Pool Removal: Costs and Factors

Cost Factors

Swimming pool removal costs can vary, depending on several factors such as:

  • Pool size and location
  • Condition of the pool surface
  • Amount of dirt and debris
  • Your budget and desired outcome

Types of Pool Demolition

If you plan to build a permanent structure over the pool area, complete pool demolition may be necessary. This option is more expensive, but it ensures a stable foundation for future construction.

Filling in an Above-Ground Pool

Filling in an above-ground pool is not a simple task, and it requires professional assistance. Before contacting pool filling companies, consider the following:

  • Make sure all agreements with the pool removal service provider are in writing.
  • Avoid paying more than 10% of the total cost upfront.
  • Research the pool removal company’s experience and license status.

Above-Ground Pool Removal Process

1. Choose a Licensed and Experienced Professional

When selecting a pool removal company, verify that they are licensed and experienced. Check their license number on your state’s website and review their advertisements for information on their experience.

2. Obtain a Pool Removal Permit

Before starting the removal process, ensure that the contractor has the necessary permits. This demonstrates their expertise and compliance with local regulations.

3. Use the Right Equipment

While you might think a sledgehammer is sufficient for pool removal, the task requires more heavy-duty equipment. Breaking through the hard interior of a pool requires specialized tools.

4. Be Aware of Nearby Utility Lines

Be cautious of gas, water, and septic lines near the pool area. These can cause complications during the removal process, and you may not discover them until you’ve already begun demolition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you fill in a swimming pool? A: Filling in a swimming pool requires professional assistance, as the process involves heavy-duty equipment and compliance with local regulations.

Q: How can I tell if it’s time to remove my above-ground pool? A: If you find that the costs and maintenance of your pool outweigh the benefits, or if the pool is taking up valuable space in your yard, it might be time to consider removal.

Q: What are the benefits of recycling an above-ground pool? A: Recycling an above-ground pool can save you time and money, as the removal process is typically quicker and less expensive than the original installation.